Karen Lee’s Summertime Cooking Tips on Food Schmooze

I’m pleased to share with you my second interview on the Faith Middleton show on NPR. Karen Lee on the Food Schmooze aired on June 29th. The show’s recording is available here, which features some of my cooking tips for summer favorites.

  • What’s the best cut of meat for hamburgers?
  • Is it safe to keep butter out in the summer?
  • A delicious butter blend for corn on the cob
  • Plum tomatoes and chopped olives topping for grilled fish

To Listen:

  • Click the title below to start the audio.
  • To find Karen’s segment in the audio clip, start the audio and then click on the gray bar until you find the spot labeled 14:30 minutes.
Audio: Food Schmooze June 29th 2011


Garden fresh plum tomatoes

Photo credit: Letouj / Creative Commons 2.0

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