About Me

I am a veteran New York City caterer, private chef, cookbook author and cooking instructor. I offer imaginative cooking classes and catering tailor made for you.


The most frequently asked question: “What is your specialty?” I respond, “Cook for taste, eat for health.”

  • If your goal is to loose weight and get healthy, I can help you.
  • If your goal is to cook food that is restaurant quality but is better for you, I can help you.
  • If your goal is to prepare speedy entrées, I can help you.
  • Behind every good meal is a good shopper and that’s me Karen Lee — I am the shopper and I will turn you into a good shopper too.

I personally shop for each meal, hand selecting each ingredient. I interview every peach. “Where were you grown? When were you picked? Are you organic? Are you good enough for my class tonight?” As a result the quality of ingredients is the very best available locally and the resulting meal is as delicious as it is healthy. Food that makes you feel good while and after you have eaten.

That crust on a nice piece of halibut or salmon you have been enjoying in restaurants for years is now minutes away from being added to your cooking repertoire.

  • Choose your cuisine: American, Chinese, Fusion, Italian, French, Vegetarian
  • Cooking Techniques: roasting, pan roasting, sautéing, stir-frying, steaming, cooking in parchment
  • Healing Spices and their Everyday Applications
  • How to make Speedy Entrees
  • How to Shop for Produce, Fish, Meat, Staples
  • Meal Planning and Getting Organized
  • Equipping Your Kitchen with The Best

Karen Lee Cooking Classes New York CityMy cooking classes, which I have been conducting in New York City for the past 40 years, are intense without being intimidating. Students award me five stars on Yelp.

I’ve written five cookbooks and have been endorsed by the New York Times, New York Magazine (Best of New York), Food and Wine Magazine, Bon Appetit, and Zagat.

I will change your life in the kitchen forever. Come cook with me.

Warm Regards,

Karen Lee
Karen Lee Catering
established 1972