Stocking Stuffer: Chef’s Knife

The Japenese version of the French Chef’s knife is called Santoku.  It is great for  dicing, and slicing, even slicing cooked meat such as a roast turkey or broiled steak.  For chopping or mincing I use a heavier knife I will write about another time.   The blade is made of high carbon no-stain steel. “Carefully wrapped, it is a great stocking stuffer.”

I love to recommend the Santoku 7-inch from Victorinox (SKU 41529, Fibrox handle; Forschner, NSF).  I buy it at Zabars on the second floor for around $35.00.  You can also get it online at various websites.


  • Always wash your knife by hand.
  • Dry and put knife away after use.
  • Never let knife soak in water.
  • Never put in the dishwasher.
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