Student Rave – Cooking with Karen Lee

Grilled Ginger Sesame Salmon

One of my students recently wrote about her experience cooking with me on her wonderful blog, Cooking with Candi. She writes:

Karen’s kitchen is “such a warm, ‘hamish’ atmosphere, yet totally professional. Karen is a real dynamo, and very talented; she knows a lot about cooking, products, and food in general. If the opportunity ever arises, I highly recommend her classes.

We cooked from 10 – 2:30 and ate our way through the morning into the afternoon. When I looked at the clock at 1:40, I didn’t know where the time went but it was well spent for sure. We made 3 kinds of salmon, 2 beautiful salads, and a poached pear dessert. I learned a few new techniques, a few new facts, and made a few new friends. What a great day!”

Read more and see all the photos on Cooking with Candi.

Thank you Candi for sharing your compliments and I look forward to cooking with you again soon!

Poached Pears and Cherries

Karen Lee Featured in Metro New York

Alison Bowen recently published a review of New York city cooking schools in Metro New York. Here’s what she had to say about Karen Lee Cooking.

Channel Your Inner Chef at City Classes

Published: November 02, 2011

Now that it’s way too cold to eat outdoors, take your food cravings inside — and learn to cook dinner yourself at one of the city’s many cooking classes.
Scattered around Manhattan, these classes teach everything from the proper way to pick a salmon filet to toasting bruschetta for a dinner party. Metro tried out a few classes to tell you what’s cooking around Manhattan.

One of the most delightful was Karen Lee Cooking ( Lee, a spitfire with decades of experience, teaches in her Upper West Side apartment, a lesson itself in how to create gourmet meals in a city setup. Lee shares not only what she’s stirring, but also how she picked out fish at the market.

You can read the entire article here.