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This is a fast, simple and delicious way to prepare salmon. There are many choices when selecting salmon. My first choice is wild salmon from April to October. Other times I love Farm Raised King Salmon from the west coast. You can buy it at Pisacane 51st and First Ave. Ask for Paul. You need to order the King Salmon a few days in advance. 212-758-1525. It is raised in ocean water, which is constantly changing. The salmon are given fish  to eat and no dye. I also like organic salmon from Scotland. They are also  raised in ocean water, given fish to eat and no  dye as opposed to the regualar farmed raised salmon that are raised in crowded conditions, given pellets  to eat and dye. Salmon is delicious and good for heart. 2 fish meals a week are recommended.

Broiled Salmon
© Karen Lee 2012

1 pound of salmon fillet, skin off

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
¼ teaspoon cayenne mixed with ½ teaspoon salt
2 cloves of garlic, lightly crushed, cut in half and green stem removed and 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary (or fresh marjoram, thyme or tarragon)

At the end of cooking:
½ tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
½ tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice
¼ teaspoon salt

Wash the salmon by dipping it in and out of a bowl of cold water once.

Dry well on paper towels.

Cut the salmon into 4 or 5 pieces so each piece is no more than ½ inch thick.

Place the salmon pieces on a plate and rub them down on both sides with the olive oil.  Season with the cayenne / salt mixture on both sides. Then put the garlic and the rosemary on top of the salmon.

Marinate the salmon for up to 2 hours in the refrigerator.  Shorter marinating is fine too.

Preheat the oven to broil.  If your oven has a high broil option use that.

Put a few drops of oil on the bottom of a small stainless steel skillet. Place the salmon in the   skillet.  Put the garlic and the rosemary on the bottom of the fish so it does not burn.

Broil the salmon on the oven rack closest to the flame (or red heating element if you have an electric oven).  If possible when broiling place an empty iron skillet upside down on the oven rack and then the pan with the salmon on top of it.  This will make the salmon closer to the flame and it will brown better and taste more like grilled salmon that is made on an outdoor grill.

Broil for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes.  Turning fish is not necessary.  I like to serve the salmon a little underdone in the middle (medium).

Using a spatula remove the salmon from the pan and place it on a plate.

Drizzle it with a little extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, and a sprinkling of salt.

Serve immediately but it is also good eaten at room temperature and even cold the next day if there is any left over.

Salmon has been given credit for lowering the cholesterol because of the omega 3 fatty acids.

Rosemary and sage are considered the 2 healthiest herbs, packed with antioxidants.

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  • caroline roth April 4, 2012, 2:54 am

    Glad to have this email, Karen. Sounds great like all your recipes. I am still wearing out my Karen Lee cookbooks!

  • Arlene Millar April 9, 2012, 11:35 pm

    Made it and was easy and yummy. Keep the speedy but delicious recipes coming, with carpooling my kids I need uncomplicated but tasty recipes!

    Do you have a cookbook???


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