Stocking Stuffer: Instant Read Thermometer

My instant read thermometer is in constant use.  I start every morning with boiling and cooling my water for green tea.  Just under 180 degrees for green tea.  I prefer the one made by Taylor. You take the meat’s temperature when it comes out of the oven.  Never leave the thermometer in the oven.  It is sold in many stores and available online.  Gracious Homes has the Taylor. Cost is around $12.00.

For Meat, i.e. beef, pork or lamb

  • 120 to 125 rare
  • 135 to 140 medium
  • 150 for medium well
  • 160 for well done

For Chicken

  • 170 to 175

Always let meat and poultry rest for 3 to 4 minutes before slicing.  It makes it more tender.

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